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To Build Strong solution & fill the gap between fiat currencies & cryptocurrencies using Acash Coin with support of ABA Coin
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About Acash Coin & ABA Coin
Acash Coin & ABA Coin Sales

How to Buy Acash Coin & ABA Coin through Exchanges ( Etherflayer - Catex - Finexbox )

  • January 1, 2020, Wednesday, 01:00 AM (GMT)
  • $900 m
  • $90 m
  • .
  • 1 ETH = 9500 ACA 1ETH = 95000 ABA
  • ERC20

Payment Methods

Acash Coin

The following address is for the Acash Coin & ABA Coin contract. It is NOT a deposit address. Do NOT send tokens to it. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the Tokensale platform.

Acash Structure

Distribution of ACA & ABA

  • 10 % Bonuses and Reservations
  • 10 % Advisers
  • 10% for environment improvement
  • 50 % Distributed to the Community
  • 20 % Team and Founders



We are Giving You a Chance to

Run Your Sales from Anywhere

with ACA & ABA ,Internet access has been declared a human right by United States, its start-up culture is booming and its citizens and businesses have been able to enjoy the use of many streamlined digital public services


billion USD — excepted revenue of coins by 2020


million potential clients worldwide


no borders for international payments


faster transaction speed

The New Comer

ABA Coin


How it all Started


Etherum wallets

IOS app and android app

Mobile Application for Faster Access.

Now you can control dashboard from the mobile!

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